Winter Action Weekend Feb 21st-23rd 2020

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About EcoCamp Coyote Events

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for EcoCamp Coyote. We will be having four weekend- long events, one per season. Attendants will be given opportunities to partake in a hands on and immersive communal experience as we band together in the face of the global context to learn and practice practical solutions while co-creating EcoCamp Coyote's mobile, radically responsible, reuse and post-petroleum methods for reintegration of humans as positive agents in the ecosystem. Leveraging technologies technological, biological, social and beyond- modern and as our ancestors practiced, we strive to integrate systems to find accessible balanced and regenerative right livelihood strategies conducive to permanence and proliferation.

Schedule of Events

Winter, Feb 21-23- Be Prepared

Using permaculture design processes, we will look at basics of food forests for perennial harvest for ourselves and future generations with the integration of native plants and crop planning for our no-til garden. Activities will be planting trees, native plants and seeds for the no-til garden.
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Spring, May 22-24- Just Keep
"Going" & Knowing Native Roots

Day 1 will be spent taking about composting toilets and our design for a reclaimed wood outhouse. The afternoon activity will be assembling the components for two of these outhouses which will be donated to two other ecosystem restoration camps, Indian Canyon and Hotlum.

Day 2 will be a field trip to a nearby oak woodland ecosystem where we will spend the morning identifying native plants and speak to their uses, ecosystem functions and cultural significance.

The afternoon activity will be performing fire mimicry in the ecosystem there. Fire mimicry is a process where humans can manually serve some of the ecosystem functions of fire such as: clearing brush from underneath trees, removing dead beaches, adding minerals to soil, removing excess moss and lichens. All these ecosystem needs were once fulfilled by fires both natural and intentionally set by native people.

Summer, August 21-23-
Strike while the iron is hot.

Day 1 will be spent learning about "alternative to petroleum" energy as well as peak oil and what a post-petroleum future may look like. We will look at different renewable energy strategies to fulfill human needs and take a deep dive into off grid solar systems (using ours as an example.) The afternoon activity will be welding (using solar power) and installing a metal frame for solar panels on one of our mobile buildings.

Day 2 will be spent learning about biodiesel and waste vegetable oil as fuels in diesel engines. The afternoon activity will be converting a diesel engine to run on waste vegetable oil.

Fall, November 13-15
Preserve for the future.

Day 1 will be spent learning about various ways of "preserving the harvest," with a deep dive into the process of making hard cider from apples. The concept of distilling alcohol to be used as a fuel will be discussed. The afternoon activity will be juicing apples with our village-scale apple press which runs off our waste vegetable oil powered generator (as you know).

Day 2 will be spent learning about rainwater harvesting and storage. Including system size, legal/illegalities, etc.The afternoon activity will be assembling some aspect of our rain water harvesting system. (Hopefully finishing it!)